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Rear Axle Guide

Every week we get questions about what rear axle I can put under my bronco. So I complained we should have an outline so people will read that first. But they wont. Oh well. Here it is off the top of my head. Please add/edit at will. I know I forgot all the dates and crap.

All axles are 1 ton, 8 lug, full floating axles unless specified. Obviously some cons wont affect your swap, like if you do not need VSS, or if you dont care you have a GM rear axle. Some are also a little bit biased towards what I like, but hey, if you didnt want to read and learn all the shit I did, then stfu. I also didnt bother with shaft sizes or bearing this and splines that. Because a 1 ton is basically a 1 ton, some have some weak spots. Your driving style, terrain, suspension and tires will affect breakage more than the difference between a 14b and a D70.

Please keep out the editorial bullshit. If you post, post some good info or links.

Ford 8.8 Rear Axle

  • It's Under There Already
  • VSS/ABS Models

  • 5 lug, 1/2 ton, Semi-Floater
  • C-Clips
  • Weak Carrier Bearing Caps
  • Weak Housings

Ford 9" Rear Axle

  • Common
  • Tons of Aftermarket Parts
  • Ground Clearance
  • Full-Floater Conversions
  • Indestructable (If You Have the Cash)

  • 5 lug, 1/2 Ton, Semi-Floater
  • No VSS/ABS
  • Low Pinion
  • See "If You Have the Cash"

Dana 60 Rear End

  • Some 35 spline
  • Good Aftermarket
  • Decent Ground Clearance
  • Rare VSS Models

  • Some 16 Spline
  • Most Non VSS/ABS
  • 3/4 ton? 1 ton? Who the Hell Knows

Dana 70 Rear End

If you want a 1-ton axle, but don't need VSS, and loathe GM, this axle is for you.

  • Fairly Common
  • Cheap
  • Bulletproof In Stock Form

  • No Spool
  • Poor Ground Clearance
  • Non VSS/ABS

Visteon Sterling 10.25

If you want a 1-ton axle, and you need VSS, this axle is for you.

  • VSS Compatable in '87+ (with speedo re-calc)
  • 90% Bolt In
  • Ford PN F4TZ-1177-C Fixes Pre-'94 Axle Seal Problem

  • Weak Pinion Threads
  • Axle Seals Leak
  • Some Limited Gear Ratios, No Spool
  • Expensive

Corporate 14 Bolt

If you want a 1-ton axle, don't need VSS, and don't care about "brand loyalty", this axle is for you.

  • Dirt Cheap
  • Bulletproof In Stock Form
  • Cheap Detroits
  • Can Shave Pumpkin
  • Some Stock Detroits and 4.11 or 4.56s Gears

  • No VSS/ABS
  • No Spools or ARB
  • Some Semi-Float Versions
  • Massive Pumpkin
  • *gasp!* It's GM
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