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D70 has ARB, Detroit, Lock-Rite and Power-Lock (Dana limited grip) in the 35spl variety. Excellent ratio selection as well. Only thing I don't see right now is a spool... but those could very well be available. I didn't look very hard.

The 14B spool and ARB should be available any-day-now. It might still be 6mos out, but they're coming. 14B also has the advantage of being stupid-easy to set up. The 9" is based on the same design. Some infrequent reports of people not being able to keep inner pinion support bearings in them. No idea why. It could be a housing deflection/alignment problem (since some do it repeatedly)

Some more cons for the 10.25: it's the pinion threads that are weak, not the splines. Pinion seals leak, often due to problems keeping pinion preload (see weak threads) and minimizing bearing wear. The yoke/pinion shaft got redesigned at some point (the long/short yoke question). Most dealers go by 92 and earlier as "short", and 93+ as "long", but I had a 95 (or 96??) rear with a short yoke. The pinion bearings got redesigned again when they went to the 10.50.
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