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My 81's Road to Road-Worthiness

I had been watching Craigslist and other places for 2 or 3 months for the right Bronco. I started looking for a 78/79, but decided a 300 Six manual trans drivetrain would suit my purposes best. Everything in this neck of the woods is rotted pretty good, so when this one was listed in Phoenix, I jumped on it and had it shipped. My wife's cousin lives there and checked it out and made the deal for me. The PO told me it had a blown head gasket, but the rest of the drivetrain was good. He also told me it had a 4 speed overdrive tranny, but it is a Borg-Warner T18. He didn't say, but I believe he bought it not running and never drove it. The sun has baked it pretty good, but it's 99% rust-free. Tires have a lot of tread, but they are pretty dry-rotted. My goal, as the title says, it to get it road-worthy. Anyway, this is what it looked like when it made it to SW Ohio.

Thanks to everyone here on the forum for all the great info available; it has been a great resource!

When the driver delivered it and we were going to unload it, he said he was going to release the parking brake. My thought was, "Oh no, it'll never move now!" b/c parking brakes do not last long around here due to the rust. But all was good and it rolled on off.

Here's the only place I've found that's bubbled up. As you can see, there's also aluminum plate on the bottom of the tailgate, so I suspect it's covering some rust. As you can also see, something hit or was hit by the bumper.

Here's the motor bay as received.

Here is before pressure washing.

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