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A little progress today; some good news and some bad. I got what looks like a home-built receiver hitch off. Sprayed down the brake bleeders and got all of them broke free w/o breaking them. Topped off the drivetrain fluids. None were too low except the transfer case; it took 2 quarts of trans fluid. Hope that's not an ominous sign. I got the numbers off the 9" rear and the Dana 44 front. The bad news is neither is limited slip. I wasn't expecting them to be, but I was hoping for a pleasant surprise. So, after checking the drivetrain out, I believe it to be original to the truck.

Put a couple more orders in for parts today. Summit extended the expected delivery date on the exhaust pipe, so I put in an order for one from JEGS as it showed shipping on 6 April.
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