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I ohmed out the fuel sending unit last night and it showed it was shorted out. I removed it and the float had gas in it. So I ordered it and the front seal for the T18 (since I have the engine out, figured I might as well replace it) from Bronco Graveyard. I'm getting really familiar with the different parts suppliers. I've got good discounts from Advance Auto ordering online. I've ordered from Summit, JEGS, Rock Auto LMC and picked up some stuff from O'Rielly's. I've gotten very good service from all of them.

I received 2 boxes last night from Rock Auto. In one of them was the LUK clutch set. So today I stopped by the engine shop to drop off the pilot bearing. The owner said, "I was going to call you." He said they found some damage when they bored and honed the block on the cylinder where the broken piston skirt was and was going to have to sleeve it. He also said a couple of the other cylinders were already sleeved from the previous rebuild.

A couple questions on the gas tank:

1) There is a few spots of surface rust. What is good to use to coat it? Anyone use cold galvanizing?

2) There is what LMC shows as tank anti-squeak strips that go between the tank and the skid plate. Mine are still there, but not in the best shape and I'd like to replace them. LMC is out of stock. What would be a good material to use for this?

They are #10 here: Truck Parts and Truck Accessories

TIA, Stan
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