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With work and life getting' in the way, I haven't made much progress lately. I did pick up some Rustoleum cold galvanizing today 445 FE. My engine builder called today to let me know all the machining is done and assembly was to begin today. So, it should be ready to pick up next week.

I decided to replace the front tranny seal while it is apart, so I removed the bearing retainer (man that bearing is a monster!), cleaned it up and installed the new seal. I also cleaned up the clutch fork and have a new dust boot for it, so it's ready to go back on with the new throwout bearing. I have new clutch release shaft bushings to install, so I should be good down there for a, get that back together and I'll be ready to drop the engine back in.

I gave up on getting the Walker WLK-45166 header pipe to use on the FI manifolds as Summit and Jegs both extended the availability date. I found a couple manufacturers who sell the pipe, but only with the cat and list the set as a catalytic converter. For reference, the one I ordered (from AutoZone b/c they had 20% off online orders over $100 and I needed some other items also) is Bosal New York/Catalytic Converter p/n 079-4032 and it's supposed to be here tomorrow.

I dropped off my radiator to get it checked out, waiting to hear from them.
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