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Originally Posted by 445 FE Bronco View Post
I would do an all aluminum radiator, very effiecient. Maybe an electric fan, save fuel + 20 HP also keeps cool when creeping along or stuck in traffic. Be cool is a nice unit but there are others.
I have thought about an all aluminum and electric fan, but I am looking to keep this rig less electric/more mechanical. That being said, anybody have any feedback on this unit? I've looked around and this seems to be the going price, but they have a 'make offer' button.
Flexalite Radiator New 52180L | eBay

Then again, more basic/traditional, does this look like the one for mine w/AC? From my research it is, and I've messaged the seller, but no response yet.
Modine 558 All Metal Radiator 1R558 CU558 DP558 | eBay
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