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79 Rusty Custom build

Wanted to start a write-up for my 1979 Bronco Custom. It's got the 351m and is, from what I can tell, almost completely stock. The guy I bought it from sounded like he was the 2nd owner and had only owned it for a couple years. Original owner loved the thing and babied it, took really good care of it but probably put a lot of miles on (mentioned a trip to Montana and back).

I bought it in March from a guy in Kansas (2 hours away). Showed up sight unseen and loved it (and the price) and I was amazed when it made the trip home without a single problem, and at 15 mpg. One of the biggest issues it had was that the old tailgate had been hit pretty hard, broke the window, all that, so I already grabbed a new tailgate from the local junkyard and slapped it on- I was pretty happy it actually rolled up and down. So far I've been really lucky- hoping the luck holds out.

I plan on making it a fun truck- something I can take off road (nothing too serious), haul stuff around in, drive to work, etc without worrying about it getting scratched or anything. I've got a really low budget, but my plan is to:
-Clean it out and fix the holes in the floor pans
-Add a good stereo (I'm a musician, so that's an important part)
-Going to need to do something with the interior... especially the seats which are totally wrecked
-Fix the holes in the body- bad rust over rear fenders and the rear corners- not surprised by either
-Eventually I'm probably going to paint it with Monstaliner or Line-x (though I probably can't afford the latter) after it's all cleaned up
-Put a 4" lift on it
-Upgrade the 33" tires to 35's, though that will require a re-gear so I may put that off a while. The tires are about bald though, so I may not be able to put it off long.

I've got a little experience under my belt (did some engine work on an EFI F150 and an '80 Bronco, as well as a little interior stuff) but I'm still new to all this, and I've yet to get my hands dirty with suspension and the gearing changes.

I'd love suggestions and recommendations- this is going to be a fun truck, like I said, not a show piece, so I just want to enjoy working on it.

Thanks for the help! Pics below

Not sure where the pics of the passenger side went. Same story but less fender rust (some of it is still there).

New door panels and seats in store.

1979 Bronco Custom stock 351m, 33x10.5 BFG tires, Monstaliner paint job, work in progress!
Rusty Custom Build
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