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Orange I'm glad build.

Figured since I now own two FSBs I would separate my progress on each as I go. This Bronco has been owned by y friends since I met him 20 some years ago. I have been joking with him since then to take care of my Bronco as one day I would own it for all this time. Now ironically I will be taking posset ion of it soon. One day when I went to his house he had a for sale sign in the window, in some ways I was crushed as I am in the middle of my Brick Nose 91 build currently. I would have purchased his truck instead and would have already completed the restoration with all I have currently invested in the 91. But being a friend and buying previous vehicles from him on payments we came to an agreement on a price and payment schedule. So the project begins, once I have fulfilled our handshake agreement I will take possetion of the Bronco that started my obsession with early Ford trucks. My strategy is a restoration with basic modifications to the engine for drivability and some basic drivetrain upgrades. Most mechanical work has already been completed as he is a mechanic and a bodyman. The body has issues with rust in the floor that I am going to address and a few other less drastic repairs that need to be done.
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