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budget 84 i6 daily driver. Amateur hour has arrived

I got an 84 i6 4x4 because that's what I wanted. My search for the right rig with the 4.9 and Ac ... well it was exhaustive, I don't know if they had automatic transmission with the 4.9 but I didn't want it. I didn't want anything too nice because I will tow with it, camp, do some trailing but nothing too crazy. I wanted a base model bullnose. After months of not finding what I wanted this beat old white bronco popped up and I overpaid for it but it literally was exactly what I wanted

Fairly shot interior, hardly any clear coat and dirty. Every accessory I wouldn't want was on her but she was the right girl in the wrong dress.

I bought her in March. Slowly I have been doing little things to her that she needed, I'll post some pics of my steps thus far but she has a ways to go. I've put 3k on her without a hiccup thus far but there are some issues to address.

Interior- The panels are present but beat and need reconditioned. The rubber floor is shot. The windows need tinting and it needs a headliner. Im in AZ and it's hot. Needs stereo, needs dash but I'm sporting a very 80s oxblood dash mat now to improve my view while driving.
It needs a new steering wheel and front seats. It needs a glove box lock and center console repaired. My windshield doesn't leak but it's all ****ed up around the seal and outer bezel.

Mechanical - I need an exhaust of some sort. The stock one has hot spo ts and stinks. I have either a small rear main or oil pan leak. The source of which I can't determine. She doesn't really eat much oil, but, over the course of a few minutes parked I'll see the first of a slow drip until she cools and pressures down. My stock head lights are super weak, the air filter and breather are a strange set up, I don't know what they look like stock but mines missing a bunch of stuff. The feedback carb stuff is removed I guess. The computer is all unplugged and the distributor is aftermarket. I don't have any real frame of reference as to what the previous owner had done to her, but she runs well enough so other than some maintenance and sanitary type things I'm not sure I'll mess with it too much. I have a power steering leak but not bad,

Looks wise I don't want anything too aggressive. I need tires and have 31 Yokohama geolanders now and want 33s but I think they are too wide for my stock 7 inch wheels. 32s maybe I dunno. It's got a lift. I see it says super lift but I don't know how high it is. Anybody with familiarity can chime in. I don't know.

I probably won't paint her. It's a truck. It's a driver

So I'm not a mechanic and don't have anything radical in mind but would like to tackle some of this stuff.....oh and I'm cheap so it's all going to be cheap too.

84 i6 DD
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