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Gather 'round I have a story to tell.
It will be long
It will contain graphic images
May contain course language.....
Will involve blood, sweat and tears

So the story begins like this.....

A young man, in his mid thirties, decides after much research to purchase a used Bronco. The 1978/79 model year was his focus as they seem to have been built a lot like those military vehicles they call tanks. He proceeds to check every known source of classified media known to man and finds a worn out,sodium chloride covered beast on a site called Kijiji.

After meeting with a nice fellow who had no issue with exchanging cash for this pile of metal, this young man purchases his sought out prize and retrieves it from the spot in which it lay:

1979 Ford Bronco 5.8l 351M Currently Under Construction
"Boredom sets into the boring mind" - James Hetfield
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