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F.O.T.Y. 2016
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I wish I could get the names of everyone who voted for me!!!! I would Thank
each one of you personally, This certainly wasn't the turn out I anticipated when the
FOTY Rodeo Started.
Each one of these Broncos are worthy in my book, I believe we all share the same passion that the
Ford Bronco is the Ultimate Fullsize, Full Bodied Daily driven 4x4 Vehicle you could ever own.
I am still in shock over the outcome truly I am.

What a HONOR that you thought my Bronco was worthy enough to carry the
Title FOTM for May 2016,
Then to take it to the next level & Vote for me again!
I will proudly wear the Badge FOTY 2016.
I already pimp this site every chance I get, I try to vote everyday for TOP 4x4 Site,
Now I will certainly step up that pimping action even more. With more Bronco Flyers, and get
everyone in the AZBRONCOCLUB to become registered Members
and get them voting for Top 4x4 Site as well in an attempt to get us back to #1.

Thank you all so very much for voting for me!!!!

I want to again thank the Admin & Mods of FULLSIZEBRONCO.COM for
keeping the competition on going & providing the accolades that come with it.

Thank you to the 27 people who voted for me, especially those who helped contribute to the
"Lost Pic & Video Fund" Cstrike "FOTY 2015", WhiteDragon, bronco_brAdy333, CainsBigRed,
ak400ex, RyanDS650X
& a huge Thank you to Quader1
for having faith in my truck to nominate me back in May. With that said I want to extend
even a bigger THANK YOUto Quader1 and his wife Ms Kelly,
who made it possible to show case all the pictures along with the 1k my wife took,
but their cameras and video skills were over the top.

Thanks again everyone. God Bless You All!

Your FOTY for 2016, itwasFREE!!!!

At times it's best to keep one's mouth shut & be thought a fool, than to open it & remove all doubt! Abraham Lincoln

Thank you for Making me FOTY 2016

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