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Originally Posted by itwasFREE!!!! View Post
Thank you, what a run, I thought for sure when you posted your video of you laying your Bronco on its side, that votes were going to just start rolling your way, simply due to the fact every body craves destruction. But hey you have some serious FAB SKILLS! to rebuild a rig as quickly as you did, wow Not sure what you do for a living but are going to sleep now because you had to stay up endless nights to accomplish what you did in less than 8 months. I know i said at the end of FOTM May Id be getting ahold of you that never unfolded Our lives were turned on our side as well over the summer so to speak, a lot of plans were cancelled but Sure would like to hook up with you in the spring or fall and run a couple of the trails you posted pictures of........
I am trying to hit the Bronco Stampede in March, that's fairly close to you.
If you don't mind a little body damage you can run some trails with me! hahahahahahaha


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