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I believe the seat cushions are identical.

Section 01-10: Seats and Tracks in 1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Workshop Manual (PARTIAL)
Seat Cushion Cover and/or Pad, Bucket Seat

A new, if still available at Ford is; $275.82
Seat Cushion Pad (Front Seat Cushion); Pad - bucket seat

NOTE: Repairs to seat cushions or seat backs are performed outside the vehicle and are usually for replacement of torn, worn or burned seat covers. In a few instances, the pads might be damaged and require replacement.

How about Re-doing seat foam and springs by realfloopyguy @ Redoing seat foam and springs.

Chris B swapped the seats
Seat Rotation

Rebuild in an 86 Eddie Bauer; "....It gets rid of the toilet feel they get as they age (your @$$ touches the sides, but not the middle). for next to nuthin' and they feel great now. All it cost me was a box full of hog rings and a pair of hog ring pliers, some 1" foam and the special non-melting spray can of foam rubber adhesive. Cut the hog rings and remove the seat bottom covers. Cut the center piece for foam, then the side bolsters, spray them and the original seat foam, wait 4 minutes and stick em on. After that pull the covers back over and install the new hog rings.While you're in there, tighten all bolts, especially the floor and track to seat bolts. I did this not just cause' Iz cheap, but also because precious few other seats out there are as large or have armrests. Dirt cheap, damned easy and darned effective..."
Source: by Sixlitre (Malcolm H, Eddie Bauer)
Official Seat Thread: Let's talk seats & seat covers --> - Ford Bronco Forum

Rebuilding Kit; Bucket Kit for 80-96; includes (2) 24" x 24" Foam Sheets; (2) 18" x 20" Reinforce Material, Pair of Hog Ring Pliers, Package of Hog Rings & Instructions
Source: by
Truck Parts and Truck Accessories
$34.95 as of today

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