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From the beginning

Hello all, the personal here is Fred

I want to first thank 445 for the nomination, it is truly is an honor.

Here is my story.

In 2012 or so I decided I wanted a new toy. My first thought was to get a Jeep (donít hold that against me it didnít last long). The main thing holding me back was I already had too many vehicles especially for living in the city. One of which was a 78 F150. This was my first truck that I had owned since I was a kid that my Dad had given to me. He was no longer with us so the truck has sentimental value, and was hard to let go (and I still have it). So what can I do other than find a 78 / 79 BKO and make a good one out of two.

Going back further in time in 1994 I was in the middle of restoring this F150 for about a year. Being a kid I started getting burned out on working on it, so I set it aside and bought a new truck. The F150 had been sitting on the side of my house for this long.

During that year though I did manage to put a new rebuilt motor, transmission, Partial interior and other things.
Skip ahead to 2013 I found what I thought was a no rust straight non running 78 BKO on craigslist for 3K. I went and looked at it and haggled it down to 2K and had it towed to my house.

Over this month I will take you through the Journey from the Beginning to end.

Here it is the day I brought it home:

3 days after bringing it home, I had the motor out of the F150, in the BKO and running even from sitting for over 20 years and pretty much worked on it every day for a year and 4 months. Here is a before and after:

I have tons of build pics, and some pics and videos of wheeling I will be posting so stay tuned.
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