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Howdy folks,

I want to start by thanking @James.g.regan for the nomination. I am honored that you think my ol stocker has what it takes to roll with the other BEAUTIFUL rigs I get the pleasure of competing with.

I have had my bronco since new, purchased from Rich Ford in Albuquerque, New Mexico brand new off the lot. It has been a faithful vehicle for now, 21 years. Never left me stranded and never got stuck. With her 5.0 and 5 speed, she isn't fast but she gets me there every time and isn't too bad on gas. It surprises people when I tell them that it's not unusual for my big brick to get 17-18 mpg. It has towed my boat a few times, hauled hay bales, engines and other bronco parts. It has been a great hunting rig, for when I come in with muddy waders and drive, I can pretty much rinse out the Vinyl floor with no issues.

This bronco has been hauling my butt around for over 222,000 miles and never let me down. A testament to how DAMNED SOLID these trucks are made. Tough as a coffin nail.

This is how she looked for a long time. Stock everything. Just like how she rolled off the lot.

This is after romping around the mountains for a few hours. The little stock tires were fun for sliding around the gravel roads.

Finally, the 235 size tires had enough. They started losing air. I drove them a little while after they started leaking but it was time for some new shoes. Ended up with a set of 31" BFG KO2s.

Looking less like a mom truck and more like a respectable bronco with some cajones.

Recently a radius arm bushing blew, couldn't have possibly been when I hit a small "jump" a little on the quick side. Temporary conveyor belt repair has been getting me through.

Ordered some new radius arm bushings from Summit, and somehow a leveling kit made it into my order. OOPS.

More to come fellers!

Do NOT tread on me.
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