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Originally Posted by 96bronco View Post
92 here, I'll take that. I workout daily and visit the dr so who knows what that calculator is really basing things on...

My grandma is 99 this year, my great, great something uncle lived to be 101, my great, great, etc aunt just died at 103..
I think I might have some good genes..
Hell yes, you have good genes!

As a retired medic I can tell you this: people who make it past 85 y. o. do it because of their superior genes. And no one makes it to 90+ y.o. by eating right and exercising. It's all because of one's genes.

I've had patients who do ALL the right things to stay healthy yet they're still a medical train wreck. I've also had patients who were alcoholic transients/homeless and blowing a .445 BA yet they look their age!

There are two things that dictate our longevity:
1) Lifestyle

2) genetic make up

One that you can control and one that you can't.

Taking a look at your blood-relatives will give you a good idea of what genes you probably have. 96bronco is an EXCELLENT example of someone who swims in a superior gene pool . I'm probably right behind him because, despite being heavy smokers, all my grandparents died in their late 80s. We're talking genuine chain-smokers too!

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