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Originally Posted by JohnMcD348 View Post
I just can't wrap my head around the ideas that are coming out of California, especially these days.

This past election cycle really opened my eyes to just how crowded that State really is. So much so that, if the individual votes were counted, the election result would have been reversed. But, my fear is the typical trend of: As Does California, So Goes the Nation.
You bring up an excellent point.

California's affect on this last general election is a supreme example on why we have an electoral college.

Up until California checked in, Trump was leading the popular vote (By 1.1 million votes) as well as the electoral college votes. California checks in, BAM!, Hillary instantly takes over the popular vote. Luckily, however, she couldn't gain enough electoral college votes to win the election.

If we only had a popular vote election, Hillary would have won and at least 39 states would have been disenfranchised because 50% of our entire population lives in just 10 cities (States) that are ruled by leftist anti-American liberals.

With the electoral college, candidates running for the presidency has to campaign in nearly all of the states, thereby, giving said states a voice in who gets elected president. There are some exceptions, though: Liberal candidates don't bother campaigning in ID, WY, and UT because they are the 3 most conservative states.

Our Founding Fathers were such profound visionaries, with their ideas standing the test of time; 241 years to be exact! The electoral college is just one such example.

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