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WOW treehick, Your 88 is rusted just like my 88! Right where the rear tires fling all that road shit to freeze and bake! My rear wheel wells are rusted thru the outer panels on top also. Good thing the stainless trim strip is still there. Not so noticeable. (right!) A few years ago I bought a can of "Eastwood Rust Encapsulator" in Satin Black. I went to the do it yourself car wash and hosed the bageeziz out of the shitty areas. I let it dry on the drive back home and taped off anything I didn't want overspray on and soaked it down good with the Eastwood stuff. Believe it or not, that shit stopped the rust from growing. I also did the bottom/inside of the tailgate. It stopped that rust also. Not sure where I'm going with this Bronco now, but I thought I'd just pass this along if it could help. Sounds like you are thinking of replacing the whole rear end. Whatever you decide, good luck...
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