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Originally Posted by omp View Post
When will CA follow NY and only allow 7 rounds or mandatory registration if you have more than 7 rounds?
I grew up in CA and was glad to leave, but now the nuts have all moved into CO.

Do you still have to get a certification to purchase a pistol in CA?

I recall I had to actually take a 10 question quiz, was assigned an ID by my local dealer to make my first purchase. This is of course because I wanted to follow the LAW and not from the trunk of joe blow!

Does CA have a stand your ground directive for home owners?

Sorry I'm curious as well as to whats changed in the last 20 years.
Same here.

I grew up in San Diego-1975 to 1999.

Moved to an open-carry state (ID) and couldn't have been more happier leaving the rat-race behind.

Up here; You can walk in to a Cabela's and buy a double drum magazine for many of your weapons :

Is it a coincidence we don't have rioting of violent demonstration problems up here ?

μολὼν λαβέ

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