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Engine rebuild or replace?

I pulled the engine a year ago and resealed it due to a head gasket leak. I did a fiberglass body swap quite a bit of other work at the same time.

I now am losing oil pressure when the engine is warmed up. 5.8 with 150Kish miles. I have confirmed it is a pressure issue and not a sensor issue with a mechanical gauge. There are several other issues that I didnt address well last year including not sleeving the crank at the rear main seal so it still leaks.

My issue now is that I know the engine is coming out, but I dont know if I should replace it or rebuild it. I will be doing the pull and replacement in my shop. I have all the tools I need and a nice warm space to work. Reliability is my top priority. If I dont get one extra pony but have a perfectly reliable truck, I will be very happy.

Replace: Advantage here is that I can have the new motor sitting there when I pull the current motor. I can pull my bronco into my shop on a Friday night and have it back on the road by Monday morning.

Rebuild: I like having a local shop that I can go to if I have issue.

Anything I am missing on either side here? I have a decent but still limited budget for this work. Money I save on the motor itself can go into an intake etc. If one option will save me significantly, I will do it.

If replace, where is best place to buy?

If rebuild, anyone know a good shop in Northern Virginia?

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