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Some of it is personal preference. Cost-wise, it's probably pretty even.
If you get a local shop to do it, and they have a good reputation, you will probably be waiting up to 3 months. It's still no guarantee that "stuff" won't happen....and that they will stand behind it. From personal experience, I had a local shop (racing engine specialty) do my 5.8. It leaked from day one. They paid to have the rear main seal replaced, but said they were "done". So the rest of the leaks I fixed. Also, they installed a mass air cam in my '89. I paid out of pocket to convert it as I was not about to pull the engine back out.

I had 3 different shops in Woodbridge do machine work for me. They all did a decent job.

Between the 2 options, my vote would be for a crate engine. They mass produce their end product and depend on good results/reputation ...if they want to sell engines. It's also faster. The truck isn't going to sit around for months ....waiting.

Another option is to find a good used core and have that rebuilt. Drive the old engine till it dies or until the core is rebuilt. Then do the swap. One drawback is you would then have your old engine sitting around. That's an issue if you have limited storage.

I got a really good deal on my Ford factory reman. The local dealer was competitive with Jegs etc.

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