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I picked up my long block locally for about $1550. Walked in with the core, walked out with the motor, 10 mins total.

Theres alot to do to make sure its going to last though, while its all apart. Especially if there is a sludge problem. I had to soak all my intake parts and timing cover in the machine shop hot tank for 2 weeks, and it still took me over 8 hours to get them clean enough to paint. I ended up bead blasting everything. That was the only way to get it clean enough.

Make sure you rebuild your fuel injectors. Address any wiring issues. I took all the wiring looms apart, cleaned all the connectors and terminals and wires. Soaked them in a heavy Dawn/water mixture. Dried them all off, put them back together with new wiring loom and fabric tape.

Clean up your distributor too. I took mine completely apart, and bead blasted it, put it all back together with a new PIP sensor and it has worked fantastic.

You most likely will have to sleeve your balancer, and replace the front timing cover seal. thats alot of fun.

Getting sludge out of the PCV system in the upper intake is fun too. Get test tube brushes from amazon, cut the loop handle off and run them in your drill. makes quick work of it. Lots of brake kleen.

I would also get a new Motorcraft TPS, IAC, and any other sensors. Replace the radiator, heater core, flush the transmission lines. Clean up and paint the engine cross member with POR15.

You could also do the saginaw PS swap while its out.

Attention to detail will save you alot of time later on. I would also get a Complete set of bolts. you will also have to chase all the threads on the new engine block. You would think they do that but NOPE. If you get a bolt set, remember the oil pan bolts on a bronco are longer because of the stud girdle. So most bolt kits are too short. Also you can get the water pump bolt kit at any parts store.

Make sure the engine builder uses NEW head bolts. If it comes in with used bolts on it, replace them with ARP and put in a new head gasket.

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