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Trans question

OK fellas I'm sure this has been covered somewhere on here but dont know what the heck to search for lol.

Have a recent trans issue with my 96 F-150 4.9 (E4OD i believe). Truck only has around 60k miles on it and has always functioned very well. The other day while coming back from a short trip to the Manards down the street i popped a trans cooler line coming down my street didnt really notice anything till i parked it and saw a huge puddle under the front end blew the line completely off and puked a gallon or so. I put the line back on and put in several qts and had to move it a hundred feet or so, seemed to work ok but was still down and slipped while moving it. Got more trans fluid and and topped it off per dip stick (almost seven qts). Drove the truck home just to get it out a bit and all seemed fine going down the road and seemed to shift ok. Heres the odd part, coming up to the light off my exit as i rolled to a stop the truck stalled but it was a weird kind of stall like the trans bound up and killed the engine. Put in neutral and fired right up and off i went. It has done it several times since, felt like it bound up something in the trans and killed the engine but always starts right up. Rolling up to a light or in a drive through. Not all the time but maybe every tenth time i hit a light or stop for something. Any thoughts? Its not a violent stop more like applying a brake on the engine if i feel it chugging i can slip in in N and its fine . . . .

my girlfriend has been on me to buy a newer truck . . . . had to break it to her I'm not likely ever going to have anything newer then 1996 . . . . . .
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