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Some useful information for you

Tailgate Key Switch (Junk Yard Only AFAIK)

Rear Window Interlock Safety Switch (Junk Yard Only AFAIK) TO bypass: Pull the connector off the white switch and jumper the two contacts to bypass the switch. Remember that you will break the window if it is not fully lowered when opening and closing the tailgate.

Most common reason this switch doesnt work is, the bushings for the Striker have broken and/or fallen off. The striker bushing is needed to hold the switch closed properly so the contact on the switch can be engaged.

Tailgate Handle Release Assembly

Tailgate Handle Interlock Rod - Does not allow you to open the tailgate unless the window is all the way down. This feature can be removed easily.

To Remove the Tailgate Handle Interlock Rod Feature, Remove the Tailgate Handle Release Assembly.

Cut off the Arm at the black lines below, OR Drill out the rivet holding this arm on. Remove the Interlock Rod. Put it back together. Enjoy NOT having to replace the latch because you bent the release lever on the Handle Release Assembly.

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