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Me thinks that Iffin' your going to put the Safe on the 2nd Floor of your home,
you should check the "Floor Joist" Layout carefully...

Safes, Toys & Ammo get Heavy in a hurry.

If you find a Closet for it, you could lift the carpet and Cut / Add a piece of 3/4" "Plywood" (Not O.S.B.)
to fit the dimension of said room / closet and anchor the Plywood to the floor joists below,
and reinstall the carpet and trim.
Then anchor the Safe through the carpet and both layers of substrate into the "Floor Joists".

It'll carry the weight better and wont tip over on the kids. (If you have any)
Added benefit, the "Burglars" cant just pick it up and carry it right on out of your Castle.

just my .02

Oh Crap, Another Sunday Driver.
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