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Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
Sounds like a steal for a '92! The listing shows it as a 4.9 V8. Should be a 4.9 I6 or 5.0 V8. Pic looks like a 5.0. Good luck with it! (Pls get the pics up soon!!)
Thanks, always reassuring to hear a vote of approval, as I question what I got myself into. :)

Yeah, it's the 302 V8. I was confused by that while researching it, too. It says 5.0 right on it, but I've seen it listed as 4.95L various places, so maybe they rounded down instead of looking at the vehicle? Oh, and when I called about the status of the title (clean), they said their system indicates it was a donated vehicle, despite that not being in the listing. I found Portland parking stubs as recent as two months ago, so it was running up until fairly recently. That makes me hopeful that it'll be functional once I get the engine stuff sorted out. With the overall state of disrepair, they probably figured it wasn't worth the cost of tuning up.

It's been ridiculously wet this week (I fell in water almost up to my knees at the junkyard looking for parts, and it's flat as a pancake there), making it challenging to get any non-interior work done. Pictures have taken a back seat. I did a quick wash-down of the truck, though, so I wouldn't get covered in dirt/moss slime whenever I grabbed a door or leaned over the fender.
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