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I got the dash switch installed and now have a working tailgate window in either direction. Yippee! Maybe I'll celebrate by lowering the glass, then getting some of the hardtop nuts and bolts installed. There's finally a break in the rain this afternoon.

My epoxied white plastic piece on the gear indicator didn't hold up at all, but I got the replacement one installed. I have three of them, with each of them broken in one spot or another. I had to swap good pieces from one over to good pieces from another. I still had a lot of trouble with the slider (that the gear marker is on) binding in the P and R areas, even with the track lubed with white lithium grease. The problem is that the cable sits a bit lower horizontally than the slider, so it gets tweaked in the groove. I eventually got it working fairly reliably with the worst looking of the three springs.

I might dissect the spare steering column and see if I can get the stock '94 steering wheel transferred over to replace my goofy aftermarket one. I probably need to do that before buttoning the dash back up, so doing it now will save a step.
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