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Originally Posted by BikerPepe` View Post
the concern I'd have is you said at the beginning you bought this rig for towing. if you plan on towing anything of any real size, you might not be as happy with the 302.
Possibly, but I don't anticipate more than the occasional such usage, and not over long distances, so my performance expectations aren't high so long as it's dependable.

Worst case scenario, the Bronco begs me for an engine swap. :)

I just wasn't happy towing with the 302 and I ended up doing it... a lot.
That's probably the main difference. I wanted something adequate, but not so over-built size-wise that it's not enjoyable the rest of the time. If I could tow more than a bag of potatoes with the Miata, that would be my perfect sized rig!

Owning a Bronco and having a trailer to haul stuff around is almost required, for me anyway. I picked up that old golf cart, tilt trailer for $600 off craigslist. It's 4' x 11' and I've never wanted for lack of a pickup bed and I laugh at the thought when load up the low riding, tilt trailer. I'm also lucky enough to have a good neighbor with a really nice car/truck hauler, for those emergency or "hook a friend up" deals.
Unless it's long and wide stuff like sheets of plywood, or I suppose very tall stuff, I figure I can fit quite a bit in now that I've got the back seat removed. I'm not sure yet what I'll do for a trailer or car dolly, as my property makes it nearly impossible to store, but I've got a few friends I can borrow one from when needed. Or rent a u-haul dolly for the day.
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