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Originally Posted by fodder View Post
That's TBD. I need to poke around in there and see if the backing plate(s) is installed. It looks like the PO bondo'd over the mounting holes when painting the truck white. The outline of them is clearly visible through the paint. From what I was told, the carrier holes wouldn't be there for a truck that didn't come with it. Is that correct?
I got the bondo cleaned out of the bolt holes. I couldn't see any way to peek inside and look for the backing plates like I was able to with the '86 at the junkyard, but there's about 8 threads deep in each bolt hole. Is it safe to assume that's the factory backing plate, or is there something else that would go behind that? The bolts seem unnecessarily long as is.

The carrier mounted up just fine and feels very solid. I'm missing the tailgate catch in my bag of hardware, though, so I haven't put the tire on it yet.
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