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Originally Posted by BikerPepe` View Post
if you find yourself with wheels up in the air, you might try the rolling count test to verify it... being as you never know where it's been or what it's been through.
Not a bad idea. I've read about that test and never figured I'd have reason to employ it.

Okay, time to catch up on some photos...

Better shot of the painted-over door sticker.

Cargo area pretty well gutted. You can see the sloppy black paint over-spray on the back of the front seats. The entire back seats were painted black, but not with much conviction. Given how much the black paint is flaking away around the tailgate, I'm guessing they didn't even bother with primer.

Forest Service green on full display! You can see my neighbor's near-twin, a '92 F250.

Rear view of the cargo area. Visibility is terrific with the back side windows cleared of their black spray paint. Go figure.

Hardtop was held down by c-clamps. That non-OEM bolt sticking up (another one on the other side) was the only other thing sort of holding it in place. Side panels had seen significantly better days.

Dash updates. Replaced faded HVAC panel & missing knobs, mounted trailer brake controller, replaced cracked dash pad, new steering column shroud, replaced ignition lock cylinder, replaced gauge lens and gear indicator.

New dash pad to replace the old cracked one. It had some velcro on it that will need paint blending. Some of those 7 nuts aren't much fun to get to with the dash installed (and the mix of 3/8" and 9mm is annoying), but the pad was my only bad aspect and that seemed preferable to swapping the full dash. I'll need to mask stuff off and do a more comprehensive painting of the dash so it's black all the way up to the window. The PO tried spraying it and realized they were hitting the glass, so abruptly abandoned the project.

Crystal clear gauge cluster lens; a huge improvement over the old cracked and cloudy one. New tailgate window switch. New headlight knob waiting to go on once the cluster surround is back in. The old knob was broken off, so the PO partially broke the cluster surround so they could reach around it to pull the headlight shaft... Brilliant.

Two gauge cluster surrounds to choose from, both broken in different places... Mix and match time!

The aftermarket steering wheel was "prettied" up with a hot glued column shroud that refused to come apart intact. Good thing my spare steering column had a good donor shroud. I'll put the stock wheel on as soon as my puller arrives. I couldn't get enough leverage to pull it off, even with hammer blows to the bolt, with nothing locking the end in place.
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