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Big session of parts pulling today. I went to another junkyard I've never been to, part of the same family of yards and specializing more in '90s trucks. They had a '95 (?) Bronco there with most of what I needed to finish things up, but it was the blue/violet/gray interior so I ended up taking almost everything to have a matching set...

- cargo area side panels w/ pockets.
- cargo area retractable shade.
- cargo area window trim.
- cargo light (need to figure out how it mounts to my dummy cover w/out the headliner to hold it in).
- seat belt covers, door trim, windshield trim.
- center console in much nicer shape than the one I got the other day.
- front seat belt stalks (mine have the plastic sheaths all busted up).
- gauge cluster surround w/ almost no broken bits.
- spare dash tailgate switch.
- tailgate cable to replace my one broken one (just ordered a new set this weekend).
- tailgate emblem.
- K&N intake tube that looks like it went with the vehicle before the engine was pulled (has the correct dual TB).
- misc. fasteners and probably a few things I'm forgetting, plus a couple things for two of the other cars.

Now to give everything a thorough cleaning so I can get it installed!

I left the cab headliner, as I wouldn't be able to fit it in my car. That would be a nice addition if I can get the Bronco running to go back for it. Maybe the blue dash, too, if I feel like pulling it for a little nicer one. All those hardtop bolts I just put in, I'll have to take out again to add the clips under them if I want to install the window trim to complete the side panels... Oh, and I left the door panels which were in good shape, since they were electric and don't have the cutout for my manual cranks.
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