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Questions about E4OD differences

Hey guys,
What are the differences in the various years of E4OD tranny's? I'm hearing that early 90's are diffent that the mid 90's transmissions. Shifter linkage, fitment, etc.

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Bronco Info: 1990 F150, 5.8 w/GT40X heads, Lightning intake, E4OD, 33" tires, detroit locker rear & true trac fro
I too am interested in this. I have a 90 with an AOD and a tired 302. I have a donor (wrecked) 96 with a 5.8 and an E4OD. I would like to know what E4OD specific pieces I will need that will be different between a 90 and a 96. I know I need the on/off switch for the instrument panel. What else?

thanks guys
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Bronco Info: '93 Full Size Bronco, 351W, E4OD, 33x10.5/15
I've got a friend that has a '90 with what he thinks is an E4OD and it's hurt. I've got a '93 and not sure if it with work. He isn't very mechanically inclined and lives about 2 hours from me, so I can't look at the vehicle.
I've heard there might be some differences in the shift linkage
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Yo; to begin with, here is the Ford TSB;
TSB 89-09-18 Introduction to the E4OD
ISSUE: The E4OD is a new 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission. The E4OD transmission was derived from the C-6 automatic (3-speed) transmission.

ACTION: Use the following information to familiarize yourself with the various E4OD components. This information can help you explain the operation of the transmission to the customer.

The E4OD uses electronics to control shift points, pressure regulation and torque converter clutch control. This provides high quality shifts, good fuel economy and overall performance. The engine and transmission are monitored with diagnostic testing available through the EEC-IV Quick Test. The E4OD operations are provided by both operator selected positions of the manual selector lever and with an overdrive cancel switch located on the instrument panel.

P (Park), R (Reverse), and N (Neutral) are the same as other Ford automatic transmissions.
D (Overdrive - normal driving position) provides all automatic shifts through fourth gear (overdrive) along with application and release of the converter clutch. The transmission may also be shifted manually between all forward ranges.
D (Overdrive - with overdrive cancel switch activated, amber light on. This position is selected by pushing the button on the instrument panel, or shift stalk on later models.) provides all automatic shifts, including the application and release of the converter clutch, except the shift into overdrive. It is used to provide additional engine braking for descending grades.
2 (Manual second) provides only second gear operation regardless of vehicle speed. It is useful for start-up on slippery surfaces or to provide engine braking on downgrades.
1 (Manual low) provides only low (1st) gear at start-ups. At higher speeds it results in a downshift to second gear followed by an automatic downshift to low which occurs when vehicle speed decreases enough. Once in low, the transmission will stay in low until the selector is moved to another position.

* The E4OD is electronically controlled by a microprocessor known as the EEC-IV processor (electronic control assembly, ECA). The EEC-IV processor controls both the engine and the transmission on gasoline engine applications in the same microprocessor. On diesels the ECA controls the transmission only.
* Electronic control also provides powertrain system diagnostic capabilities which will result in earlier and more accurate resolution of E4OD malfunctions.
* Service technicians can detect many types of transmission concerns if they occur during the standard EEC-IV "Quick Test" on both gas and diesel use.
* Additionally, the overdrive cancel switch indicator light will flash during certain conditions which will inform the driver to go to a Ford dealer for servicing.
* The processor gathers information from sensors located throughout the vehicle which are monitoring vehicle operating conditions. Using this information, the processor determines the best operating state for the transmission. A solenoid body assembly, containing five solenoids, receives the processor signals which in turn produces the desired mode of operation.
* Altitude compensation for shift quality and cold ambient warm-up strategy are also provided in the electronic controls. This eliminates the need for changes to the transmission for operating in mountainous regions. It also allows the E4OD to operate effectively even in extreme cold.
* An overdrive cancel switch allows lockout of overdrive with the push of a button. The switch is located on the instrument panel and is useful for providing increased engine braking on downhill grades. Depressing the switch will lock out overdrive (amber light turns on). Pressing it again, will change the system back to normal operation. Whenever the ignition key is turned on, the vehicle will automatically provide overdrive operation regardless of the switch position the last time the vehicle was running.

Components from the intermediate brake drum rearward to the output shaft and extension housing seal are similar to the C-6 automatic transmission. However, the E4OD planetary gears have a higher contact ratio for quieter operation. Forward of the intermediate brake drum, the E4OD components are new. These new
parts are:
> Center support assembly
> Overdrive ring gear
> Coast clutch
> Overdrive sun gear and planet gear assembly
> Pump and support assembly
> Converter and clutch/damper assembly
The E4OD has wider forward gear ratios than the C-6 as shown below.
Gear - C6 - E4OD
1st - 2.46 - 2.71
2nd - 1.46 - 1.538
3rd - 1.00 - 1.00
OD - NA - 0.712
Rev - 2.18 - 2.18
Currently there are 12 E4OD models for use in F-250/350 (4x2 and 4x4), Econoline (5.8L/7.3L Diesel/7.5L) and F Super Duty (7.3L Diesel/7.5L). For details in diagnosing, testing, disassembling and assembling, see Section 17-09 of the 1989 Truck Shop Manual. Also see the E4OD Theory and Diagnosis Technical Training Manual (Order No. 1710-012). The E4OD, like the C-6, is filled with Mercon fluid. The fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles for severe service use. See the bottom of this page for proper fluid application..."

In my site under E4OD, I have more TSbs that were made by Ford through the years as improvements or fixes to some problems.
Such as;
Beginning immediately all automatic transmission / transaxle applications requiring MERCONŽ can now be serviced using MERCONŽ V or MERCONŽ Automatic Transmission Fluid or dual usage fluids labeled MERCONŽ / MERCONŽ V. After July 1, 2007, MERCONŽ Automatic Transmission Fluid will no longer be manufactured, therefore, availability of this fluid will only continue for however long it takes to deplete what remains in inventory.

Transmission Fluid In-Line Filter Kit
After every overhaul or transmission exchange, clean, flush and backflush the transmission fluid cooling system which includes: fluid cooler, auxiliary cooler, cooler lines, and Cooler Bypass Valve (CBV), if equipped. Perform the cooler flow test to ensure proper transmission fluid flow volume on the transmission return line through the cooling system. Once proper fluid flow volume is verified install the Transmission Fluid In-Line Filter Kit (XC3Z-7B155-AA) in the fluid cooler return line (transmission fluid flow coming out of the fluid cooler going into the transmission). Refer to the following Service Procedure for details.

Overheating, Burnt Fluid Converter Clutch Discoloration, Forward Clutch Wear, Excessive Bushing Wear - Low One-Way Clutch Malfunction TSB 94-23-18 for 89-94 Bronco, Vans & F Series

Ford E4OD Changes for 1996
The E4OD transmission has had several changes for the 1996 model year.
1) The upper and lower valve body gaskets are new, and have light green stripes for identification.
2) The low/reverse clutch piston now has lip seals instead of lathe cut seals.
3) The pan gasket is now a molded rubber gasket instead of cork.
None of these parts interchange with the old parts!

& by Baumann;
"...If it becomes necessary to overhaul your E4OD transmission, you should perform as many updates as possible if it is a pre-1995 unit. E4OD component updates include, as an example, the following items:

Improved (thicker) converter clutch piston (circa 1994), prevents the formation of cracks which relieve fluid pressure from the apply side of the clutch, causing it to slip and even bluing the outside surface of the torque converter in extreme cases. Ensure that your new converter contains an updated OEM or "LuK" brand heavy-duty clutch. This can be difficult, as many torque converter suppliers and remanufacturers may not use this new style of clutch.

Higher displacement front pump (for 1995) provides more fluid capacity for faster engagement of reverse and greater lube flow.

New (for 1994) 4-pinion overdrive planet and input shaft assemblies replace older 3 and 4 pinion units which tend to develop cracks in the carrier under heavy loads.

Center support update kit (for units built from 1989 through part of 1994) replaces wear-prone bushing with a ball bearing and contains a new overdrive stub shaft.

Stronger overdrive clutch cylinder snap ring which will not dislodge.

Revised sun gear and rear case bushings (circa 1992 model year) provide longer wear life and better lubrication.

Four pinion planet carriers (first used in 1992 model year)

New forward clutch friction plates with hardened internal splines cure "chatter" and "no-drive" conditions in E4OD and some later C-6 transmissions."

See my partially recovered Bronco web site ...Will need to clean up dead links & add many more new links some day. Thanks to Mr. Schwim!
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There is a JY E4OD on CL near me for $300 with a 30 day warranty, but the ad is adamant that it is a 96 tranny and will only fit a 96 model vehicle.

I don't understand why it would only work in a 96 model. I don't believe the guy. Would OBDII make a difference?

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As long as the E4OD comes from the same type vehicle, i.e. 4WD, 2WD, pushbutton vs. lever actuated transfer case they are interchangable. The later models have several internal updates as well as updated connectors for the MLPS. As long as the bellhousings are correct (I6/302/351, 460, Diesel) and the differences noted before, which are external difference only, they will interchange between early and later models.
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thanks Miesk5 and rla2005, appreciate the help. Miesk5, thanks for the information and I will keep it handy
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Bronco Info: 1990 F150, 5.8 w/GT40X heads, Lightning intake, E4OD, 33" tires, detroit locker rear & true trac fro
Great post miesk5. Lots of information there and I appreciate it. I have searched until my eyes hurt and I am still unsure what else I need to do my swap.

My planned swap is: the drivetrain 5.8 engine and E4OD transmission from a wrecked 95 or 96 (unsure which year) into my 5.0and AOD 1990 truck. I know I need a/the computer. But what else? I have read in places the speedometer cable maybe different, shifter linkage different, of course I need the on/off switch for the instrument panel, but is the attaching harness the same. Any engine harness stuff different from my donor? If my donor vehicle was the same year this would be easier.

I want this swap to look and perform like it was factory installed. Well factory with aluminum GT40s, GT40 intake, lightning throttle body, and Ford headers anyways. Any more help guys? It would be appreciated.

ETA: My eyes really hurt now. I just found the 95-96 will not have drive gears for the mechanical speedometer. Looks like I'll have to at least find a donor 90-91 E4OD transmission case. Anything else?

Last edited by TS 90F150; 12-21-2009 at 10:59 PM. Reason: found speedometer information
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Originally Posted by TS 90F150 View Post
Great post miesk5.
ETA: My eyes really hurt now. I just found the 95-96 will not have drive gears for the mechanical speedometer. Looks like I'll have to at least find a donor 90-91 E4OD transmission case. Anything else?
tim now the question, can a E4OD from a 95-96 be configured to get the speedo drive gear for a 90?
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Ts you are going to need everything from the donor vehicle including the wiring harness as the e4od is computer controlled.IIRC the speedo drive gear is in the transfer case so that won't be a problem as you can use your current t-case on the new trans.The other problem is going to be with shifting the new trans because I believe the e4od uses the speed sensor in the rear pumpkin to shift the tranny at the correct speed.I don't know if you are going to have to swap the instrument clusters but it could be another hurdle for you to overcome.
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I am putting a 351 in my 95. It has a 302 and e4od in it now. The 351 has an e4od on it and it is also a 95. The two transmissions look nothing alike. The 351 has a manual t case shift while the 302 has the electronic t case. Would that make the trannys look so much different looking. I am not too concerned because I am going to use the trans thats in the truck now. Just wondering what up with that??
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Have a picture? What looks different?

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The housings of the two trans look different. The trans off the 302 is smoothand has a breather of some sort on top. the 351 trans has fins going up and down on it. The part num pn the 351 trans is F5tp-cb, the number on the 302 trans is f4tp-ab. Does this help.
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Just called ford and the 302 has a 4r70w behind it. No wonder why it looks different, it is different!! Now I have a dilema, can that 4r70w handle the 351? Do I source a computer and put the e4od in it? What to do, what to do ?
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