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Bronco Info: 1992 xlt, 351EFI, .040, E4OD, D44 SAS w/Trutrac,Detroit locked 8.8, MAF conv, Tweeced
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Here is a new clip of my exhaust.

1992 351W .040

stock heads, CRN-44232 cam, MAF set up with custom tune

Exhaust is 2.5 mandrel tube, running through BBK headers, custom Y-pipe, no cats through a magnaflow muffler, single exit. (will take pictures later)

Sounds is about a 5.5

You tube clip http://youtu.be/YsiJO8YMEBs
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Thanks 351w500
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Bronco Info: 88 Centerion 460 Dana 60/10.25 78 Bronk Cromo shafts,Detoit 4.56's lift 7" Deavers 38's 9"rear disk
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Hey guy if your going to post in here please follow the guide lines please or your post will be deleted.

Exhaust sound clips
Welcome to the Exhaust Sound Clip Thread.

Please post a video/sound clip of your exhaust (80-96 0nly)

Here is what we need to know

1. Year and engine size
Self explanitory

2. Engine modifications
We don't need to know what spark plug wires you are running, but we should be informed of aftermarket Heads, intake, cam, over sized bore or stroker.

3. Exhaust
Everything from the exhaust ports back. Headers, Custom routing with pics, part numbers, size, single or dual, mandrel or compression bends, what muffler, and crossover or no (if dual), Everything.

4. Sound level (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)
1 Is silent.
5 is the level of any average 1979-2004 Mustang V-8 with an offroad X/H-pipe and 2-Chamber mufflers.
10 Is a top fuel dragster

Links to threads about your exhaust build will also be welcome.

What wont be aloud.

1. Questions.
Either start a thread if you think your question is deserving of a thread, or send a PM.

2. Anything other than a very descriptive sound clip post.
No "Hey man that sounds great" or "I don't like how you routed that" or "Hey man, here is my exhaust (with no info)" posts

3. No sound clips taken in a confined space.
No garages, carports, warehouses. You cant get a good sound clip that way.

4. Any vehicles other than 80-96 Broncos and F-Series trucks.
We know you like the way your neighbors souped up 87 Buick Regal sounds, but it has no business having a clip here.

I take Prayer Requests. God Bless
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Bronco Info: 1992 F150 Flreside Extended Cab 5.8 4X4.
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Here goes:

-1992 F150 5.8

-Engine is a stock Ford reman with ~50k miles

Summit Racing Shorty Headers (PN: SUM-G9036)
Bassani Catted Stainless Y-Pipe (PN: 581503)
Magnaflow Stainless "Performance" muffler (PN: 12867)
Magnaflow 3" Stainless Tailpipe (PN: 15003)
Magnaflow 4" Tip (PN: 35107)
All bends are mandrel bent. It is a single passenger exit exhaust with 3" diameter from the cat back.

-Sound level is about a 5 or a six. The muffler tamed it out a bit.


Some pics of the routing:

1992 F150 Flareside XLT, 5.8 351W, E4OD, 4WD, Manual BW1356, 3.55 gearing, 4" Pro-Comp suspension lift, 33x12.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs
2010 Ford Ranger Sport 4X4, 4.0V6, 5R55E, 3.73 gears, Crappy Goodyear Wrangler RT/S for now...
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1981 Bronco

-444 cid International V8 IDI NA STD
-Custom exhaust y headers

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Bronco Info: 1995 Bronco XLT, 5.0L 302
iTrader: (0)
1. Year and engine size: 1995 302V8

2. Engine modifications: K&N drop in filter

3. Exhaust: Single Catco High Flow Cat, Glasspacks into split 3in stainless steep tips. No muffler, pass out to the side of rear tires.

4. Sound level: 4 - 5? Not too loud but loud enough to notice

This setup really sounds good and deep to me, sounds much better with decent speakers, not sure computer speaker alone will do it justice.


My 95 rig, 302/XLT with some mods...
My latest youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R-6FEGO55I
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Engine mods: 349 stroker tfs CNC heads victor jr intake 750 quick fuel carb custom nitrous cam 125 shot of nitrous msd distributor digital 6 box

Trans: build c6 4,000rpm billet stall converter manual valvebody

Exhaust: summit welded mufflers, dyno max blackjack long tube headers dyno max exhaust system before the mufflers and custom side exit after the mufflers

This video is a 4hi launch off of 2-step on a street that ha some snow on it

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Bronco Info: stock 351w/e4od with 6L tune up and 4 hole injectors. 6" lift on 35x12.50r15's TOTALLED
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1990 ford 5.8

All stock motor

Has mandrel bent 3" pipe starting at the y-pipe through a single high flow cat and 50 series flow master

Sound is around 3-4, pretty mellow but still noticeable

Here's the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2f4...e_gdata_player

1990 5.8l w/ford reman E4OD. Stock 3.55 gears. F250 SD pcm, 6Litre tune up, and 4 hole injector upgrade. TOTALLED at 300,251 on the motor, a dying oil pump and 93k on the transmission. 6" lift on 35's...she will live again...

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Bronco Info: 1989 Eddie Bauer Bronco
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1989 Bronco with 351W

No engine modifications

Bassani y-pipe with high flow cat and Bassani cat-back

Sound level is a 5


Rob Wilson
'89 Eddie Bauer 5.8L
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Bronco Info: 91 Bronco 351W E4OD, 6" lift, 35 12.50 Procomp MT2 on 10" wide wheels, Sliders, and custom bumpers
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91 351w E4OD no engine mods. Sound level 6 a bit louder than I wanted but no fumes.

Direct fit Cat system, straight back pipe with a tip out the back side pass.

Turn it up!
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96 Bronc

I used BASSINI exhaust systems when I was racing dirt bikes with so I gave them a call. Sure enough they had (in MY view) the perfect system for my 96 Bronc.
I got a set of "equal length" headers" with the rest of the exhaust system. Their set-up elminates 1 on the Catalytics Converters and install in about 4 hours using the orginal hangar system.

The sound is PURRRRRRsft.

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1989 Ford F150 5.8 roller swap w/ an HO cam

Pacesetter Longtubes, custom 2.5 Y pipe going into a 3in pipe going into a single Hooker aerochamber.

Sound level maybe a 5 or 6


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Bronco Info: 1995 Bronco XLT, 6" lift, 35s
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1995 Ford Bronco 302 crate engine

jba cat4ward stainless steel headers / no cat
2.5" stainless
flowmaster super 44s

Sound level 6

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1995 Bronco XLT
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Bronco Info: 1996 Eddie Bauer 5.8L, 4" BDS radius arm lift, 35x12.5's, Bassani headers, K&N CAI, Warn manual hubs
iTrader: (0)
'96, 351W. Bassani equal length shorty headers, bassani y-pipe, 3" exhaust with Flowmaster 40 series, K&N performance itake.

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Bronco Info: 86 Bronco XLT 357w/AOD
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Thread cleaned, again...
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86 Bronco - 357W/AOD - 6" suspension lift, 3" body lift - 38" TSL Radials - 456:1 Gears
Sequential Multiport Mass-Air Fuel Injection from a 93 Mustang GT

My SuperMotors Site - My Engine

The Greatest Thread on FSB
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Bronco Info: 95 Bronco XLT 302 E4OD BW1356 456 gears LS 35X15x12.50 4" lift monochromatic blk
iTrader: (0)
Cool 95 BRONCO exhaust straight pipe

95 - 302
all stock except no muffler and cat is hollow - egr is still connected - OBD I -
5 @crank up and 8 when you punch it, but 3 when foot's not on the gas - actually works as a safety....i just tap it when someone is in the road up ahead to alert them or to say hi~ they get outta the road
one day i will get new pipes with headers....

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Bronco Info: 1996 Eddie Bauer
iTrader: (0)
1. Year and engine size
1996 with a 5.8 351W

2. Engine modifications
Completely stock

3. Exhaust
Stock cats, Flowmaster 40 series muffler, and 2 mandrel bent tail pipes.

4. Sound level (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)
6? I'm not good with rating systems

Here's the video

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Bronco Info: 1993 Bronco XLT, 5.8L, E4OD, Manual 4x4, Auto Hubs, Magnaflow 93312 Y-Pipe & 12636 Muffler, Soft Top
iTrader: (0)
Exhaust Sound Clip Video Details:

1. Year and engine size = 1993 5.8L
2. Engine modifications = Stock Engine w/K&N Drop-in Filter
3. Exhaust = Video #1 is open factory manifolds (see full details in description in video summary)
Sound Level = 10

Exhaust = Video #2 is with Magnaflow 93312 Y-Pipe Only (see full details in description in video summary)
Sound Level = 9

Exhaust Sound Clip Video #1:
1993 Ford Bronco 5.8L Cold Start - Factory Manifolds Only

Exhaust Sound Clip Video #2:
1993 Ford Bronco 5.8L Cold Start - Magnaflow 93312 Y-Pipe Only
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