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: Vacation

09-02-2006, 05:28 PM
i was on vacation in delaware this past week, and while this is not really a wheeling story, its a recovery story. Me and my dad were driving around looking for fishing spots in his 96 F-250. We pull into Cape Henlopen State Park and drive around for a little bit. We pull into the fishing pier area and park the truck. As we get out an African American guy comes over and asks if we have a tow rope. We didnt have a rope, but we had a winch on the back of the truck. We follow the guy to where he was stuck. His Nissan X-Terra was buried up to the rear bumper in sand. He floored it in reverse and couldnt get out so he put the pedal to the metal and dug himself a ditch. We hook the winch up to the frame of the Nissan and tell the guy to get in. we didnt have the winch controller with us so we engaged the winch. Put the truck in 4-lo and yanked him right out. After we unhook the winch and everything, the guy peels out right in front of us. Thats the most exciting thing to happen on vacation other than Ernesto. And btw, I have never seen so many fullsize broncos in my life in Delaware. Every time you go out, you see one, it doesnt matter if you go 100 yards or twenty miles.