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: Motorcraft 2150 vs. Autolite 2 bbl

10-19-2006, 08:01 PM
Okay I was about to do this: (copied from

"Tomorrow I plan on going to one of the local wrecking yards and getting a Motorcraft 2150 2 barrel carb for my 300. I've been told 45 bucks for it and that it's all there but will need a rebuild. NAPA wants 35 bucks for the rebuild kit. Also, I'll need the adapter plate for it, which I phoned a local custom car shop today and he said he could get one for 35.

Do these prices sound pretty good?

This carb will be adventageous for moderate wheelin' correct? My current 1 barrel carb stalls out on (very) steep hills. The mileage will be better (perhaps 1 or 2 mpg) too I've heard since I'm going to be running 35's. Anyway, is there anything else I should know?

Lastly, what is the distance between the bolt holes on the intake? The guy who I'm planning on buying the adapter plate from said the holes for this plate were something like 2 1/4 inches apart. Does anyone know the exact distance or have an exploded diagram with measurements on it? "

Well now I just got a call from someone who saw my ad posted on campus and he has an Autolite 2 bbl. He said it was off an old ford. The number on it is DOT FB E9J 25. Now I know that the 2150 is a very good carb for my 300, but how is the Autolite? He said he'd beat the wreckingyard's price of 45 and sell me this one for 40 bucks. Which would you get??

And can anyone here answer the questions that I posted on fordsix maybe too? Seem a little slow to respond over there..

10-20-2006, 01:00 AM
Buy a 2150!!! It is a better carb. Do a google search; Bubba's m-block ford v8. This page has a great section on the 2150 carb. Also pay close attention to wich 2150 your getting and what cfm it is. There are 2 Diffrent cfm's, 1.3 and 1.7 casting on the left side of the carb. Get one with 1.7. Also get one of the later modles that has the Variable high speed bleed rods. Refer to the page and it will show you what to look for. This page will also show you the mods for off road use I think, it's been a while since I have looked. Also If you take the time to polish and rejet this carb it will push close to 600 cfm. Also before buying the carb take the air horn off and see if the float has the spring under it, if you get real lucky you might even find one that has honey comb foam in it for off road use. Hope this helps but check out Bubba's page.