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Changing out the Bronco Computer ECU

Changing from a 5.0 to a 5.8L engine requires swapping out the ECU

The best way to do this is through the drivers side wheel well by loosing off the plastic inner fender as shown

I label all my computers when I remove them so I didn't get them mixed up.

Pulling back the plastic inner fender you will have access to the computer harness, this requires a 10mm socket to remove. Next you remove 2-11mm nuts on ECU rubber gourmet, remove the grommet and pullout the ECU. Here the ECU is already removed

Slide in the new ECU

The rubber grommet, notice the marking for "top".

Reinstall the grommet, nuts and tighten down the harness and the ECU is installed.

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Adding another picture showing where the ECM is in relation to the firewall/fender for the 87-91 trucks-

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why would you want to jack up the truck, take the tire off, pull the inner fender panel? when one could have at that bolt with a quarter inch ratchet and a 10mm socket from the top and have the computer swapped out in 5 minutes? ask me how i know.

however, good write-up. there's more than one way to skin a cat.
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Originally Posted by "Bronco" John Galt View Post
New nuts are in the plan.
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Not sure if its allowed to post pics on someone's tech thread, if this is a violation, I apologize. Since the thread was started, didn't see a point in starting a new one. Like Unforgiven said, more than one way to skin a cat, might as well keep all the pelts here.

Basically, to change out the EEC, I just access from the top:

My truck is an '87, and has an MAF adapter, but the principle is the same. In the first pic, the vacuum canister is attached (silver drum looking thing on the right hand side, lower right corner of the pic). There are just two bolts there, also 10mm IIRC, but if they aren't, just use the proper size socket. (disregard the wiring/hose mess..I only posted these pics because they were handy, and I happened to be in this forum for something else and saw the heading, checked out the thread, agreed with Unforgiven, and went back to my thread and grabbed these quicklike...yada yada yada...)

Once that is out of your way, access to the front of the EEC is painless.

Then you remove the driverside kick panel from in the cab, and pull the EEC out from inside.

*EDIT* Bossind...did you also write down which model of computer you have? You may also need that information for certain things. That number is on the plastic pin connector housing. This one is a C3W1:

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