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Originally Posted by Ralphenstein View Post
And here's one that I have been wondering about for awhile...

According to Dustin's sticky ( this is what he spent for his steering/tracbar setup:

110.00 Chebby tie rod and drag link ends (2 & 2)
10.00 Jam nuts for Chebby tie rod ends (2)
100.00 D.O.M. tube for tie rod and drag link
50.00 D.O.M. tube for track bar and brace
180.00 Heim joints for track bar and brace (4)
·7/8" 18 pitch right hand tap ($78.00)
·7/8" 18 pitch left hand tap ($148.00)
$450 for parts and tubing alone
$678 including taps

Stonecrusher ( their steering setup for $305 and TracBar setup for $140. This is with 1-1/4" .2815" wall DOM.

This totals only $445 for a complete setup. Maybe Dustin used bigger tubing, but still, this seems like a no I missing something?

You could go this route with Poison spiders

tubing,adapters,and jam nuts cost about $123 for steering.

or you could go with these:

You just have to know the measurements to order from WFO.
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