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Bronco Info: 96 M5OD 5.0 XL all stock 250xxx manual everything 78 Bronco 351m C6
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Painted some stuff, buffed it out. Doesn't look bad for the ol dirtleg she used to be.

1996 bronco XL 5.0 5sp 1356 230k mi leveled on 31s
1978 bronco custom 351M C6 barn find
1973 f250 4x4 390 NP435 on 37s 2 fast 4 safety
1970 f250 2wd 4sp 428 freebie truck
1966 f250 4x4 300 3sp on the column barn find
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Went down to Oreillys and picked up a new water temp sensor for the 88. Then I got to thinking! The bug/rock deflector on the 93 is cracked! It's got a lifetime warranty! I had them look it up in my history on their computer. Sure enough, I bought one in 2015. They had one in stock, so I grabbed it for FREE! Went home and put it on. Without that ugly thing, the paint on the front of the hood I had repainted a year ago would look like ass! So I live with it... I'll do the temp sensor on the 88 tomorrow...
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Bronco Info: 1988 XLT FSB Eddie Bauer
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Been having some issues, out of tune. So, I installed air/fuel ratio Gauge. Worth the money. Carb was way too lean. Discovered fuel pump pressure too high. Found my son can’t gap a plug worth a dam. Electrode practically touching ground - maybe .010” gap? Changed mechanical advance springs in my dizzy, so full advance pulls in at 4000 rpm. She runs like a champ. A little rich under full throttle. Got to change the primary metering rods, but it drives a thousand times better now.

1988 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition, '96 Explorer 302 swapped in, Carburated, AOD trans, manual shift transfer case, 4.10 LS rear end

Upgrades completed: 3G alternator, Saginaw pump, led headlights, shorty headers
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Bronco Info: 96 XL, 5.8L, E4OD, 6" lift, 4.56 gears, 35" GY MT/Rs, front locker, rear LSD, rear disc conversion
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Blood transfusion today.

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Don't be fooled by the name,
1996 XL with 5.8L/E4OD/BW1356,
4.56 gears with lockers

-->My Build Thread<--
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Bronco Info: '94 XL/2"front spacer/1ton TRE Flip/Upgraded E4OD(To PSD specs)/2"rr lift blk/5100 Bilstein/33"BFGs.
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Replaced dying starter.

While I was at it; replaced the starter relay as well.

μολὼν λαβέ

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beating the piss outta these ball joint nuts or the other way around. this is misery
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Originally Posted by BikerPepe` View Post
FWIW, another "THANKS" for @joedirt216
I got mine a few days ago and I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit more.
Went with the black/white, for obvious reasons.

After having a spare tire pop, sitting on the rear rack in the sun... I figure it's a solid investment that looks cool too.
Pics to come after install... of course.
If this thing holds up 1/2 as well as I expect it will, based on the quality and fit, you can't beat it for $70 shipped.
Looks a hell of a lot better to boot! Yep... as promised!

Thanks again. I'm very happy with the money spent and I'm a cheap, broke bastard.

Too bad it doesn't say "FULLSIZE", instead of "FORD".

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Got the new parts washer put together and filled with parts cleaner solution. LH Spindle, hub and axle stub soaking.

Later on got the races driven out of the hub, but the spindle bearing put up a fight - so I need to pick up a better slide hammer setup. Any excuse for new tools.
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1995 EB (Number Three),1993 EB and 1996 XL - The donor twins. My build thread:
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Cleaned the overspayboff one of my side mirrors. One more to go

IG @schaeferlight
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Figured out my armrest, JY rest had one of the thick metal washers jammed down into the foam hole, it kept the shoulder on the bolt from going all the way through. Removed that and all is good, wife is happy to have it functional again.

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96 XLT 351
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Still making our way home from Moab. Yesterday, replaced the oil pressure sensor in the rain and snow at the KOA in Buffalo, WY. Gauge was fluctuating and reading really low at times. Works great now. Today, was scouting an area to ride the Rzr here in the Badlands and damn near got the Bronco stuck in the clay/mud crap here. Won't be taking the Rzr in there.
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Did this yesterday but I was too pooped to post afterwards. Swapped in 4 new ball joints, 2 front axle u-joints and an outer tie rod end.
I still had my receipt for my lifetime Moog ball joints from 10 years ago so after I returned the old ball joints the total cost for parts was $65.

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No wonder max AC doesn’t work. Plus replacing blower motor and resistor and cleaned evaporator.
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Set up a gantry with rubber tires today to put another motor in the 1993 since the engine hoist and plywood doesn’t work well on gravel driveway, then it rains ...alot
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Pulled the carb, cleaned it up, new gaskets, and I changed the oil and filter
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Originally Posted by Frank Lanzisera View Post
No wonder max AC doesn’t work.
That must be a pattern failure item. From Dad's F150 and my dear departed Eddie, through all my Ford-owning customers, those danged clips just seem to evaporate, and the darned joint won't stay together without it.


LINK??? Link yourself down to Walmart!
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Finished up AC. New resistor came today. Old one was rusted but ohm test on old one was same as new one. Put in new blower motor, washed the crap off evaporator and hooked up vacuum line for blend door servo motor. Blows hard, cold and now when I put her on max air the blend door shuts to recirculate cabin air. Volume of air picks up like it should now going from normal AC to max. Summertime.
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Bronco Info: 1995 EB 302, E40D auto trans, 4.11 grs, locker on rear diff. man. hubs, 3' body lift, 35" Toyo tires
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While out in Moab I acquired a rattle in my drivers door with all of the flexing and twisting out on the trails. I was afraid some kind of mechanism came loose and was flopping around inside the door. Every time I closed the door I could hear something rattling inside.

I took off the door panel and started my investigation into the noise maker. I was able to get my arm down inside the door panel and reach the bottom of most of the door. I found out what was causing my rattle....

I had to employ my shop vac to get all of the debris that was in my door out. Fortunately I was able to reach everything and get it all out.

I guess all of the Moab bouncing around shook this stuff loose from where it had been riding for the last three years. Glad it was a simple job and nothing had worked loose.

Put her back together and I am rattle free now

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i try to follow this thread so when i post i am not just posting about myself. i'm not very good at it...

i bought another bronco yesterday. the plan is to do some work to it and sell it for a profit. we'll see. i've lovingly named it
"silver". which is a reference to the lone ranger's horse - silver.

i've considered making a thread for it as i go through, as much for my reference as anyone's. we'll see on that, too.

on the way home

at home

the FS pictures. i almost didn't even ask because of the passenger wheel well. however, that's easily the worst part. the interior is really nice as far as stock interiors go. and the wheel well really does betray the rest of the vehicle. the frame looks as good as, if not better than, my bronco which was in AZ for most of its life until i brought it to north texas.

the FS pictures

and the wheel well
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FSB flipper now huh? Hope it plays and pays out well for ya bud.
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