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Crusher Mike
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Guess Whats in My Freezer(sad actually)

Some may think this is weird but this is how I deal. Some of the veteran members may remember I posted a thread about this years ago.



if you havent guessed it, its this little guy.

This is my little Co- pilot Tugg Some of you may remember when we got him about 6 years ago. Last Thursday he was mauled by a 7 month old Malamar we were taking care of. Out of every dog Ive have ever owned this was probably the toughest loss I have had to deal with mainly because of his personality. If anyone here has ever had a Mini Pin you would know how their personalities become almost like little people. On Friday I am driving him up for our last trip together to Oregon where he will be laid to rest with all the rest of my animals growing up. My parents have 6 acres there that the family is never getting rid of, and my dad has already made a spot for him. So RIP Tugg Boat.

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Wow, sorry to hear about Tugg. Animals become a huge part of the family and I know my wife as well as me are going to be devastated when our little dog dies.
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Sorry for your loss man. When I had to go get my dog put down I went and got a paw print tattoo with his name over it where he use to nudge me all the time when I was wrenching cause he wanted to play.
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Shi! man. That blows. Sorry to hear Mike. RIP Tugg.

My other car has doors.
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Thanks 351w500
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Wow so sorry for you man. Ive had to go through this a few times now and it is hard to deal with for sure.

RIP Tugg

I take Prayer Requests. God Bless
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Yeah man totally sorry about your wife and I are huge dog lovers, we have three Boxers. Well two years ago we lost her first Boxer Max very suddenly to a hidden heart condition...he faded away on Amy's lap while I was driving like a madman to the animal hospital. The consolation we had was that his last memories were of his three favorite things...he was on his mamma's lap, going on a car ride, and getting his ears rubbed the whole way. That night, like Jerad, Amy went and got a print of his paw tattooed on her with his name. We had him cremated and he is in a very nice box with his name on it, and picture of him next to it, and his in on our mantle. Yeah, to non-dog lovers that may sound odd, but he was a big part of our family.

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Mud God - R.I.P.
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RIP Tugg

Better To Be An Open Sinner Than A False Saint
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Yeah man sorry to hear it... Found the thread you was talking about. I remembered it..
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Crusher Mike
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Thanks guys. Its really been hard on my wife and our other MinPin nugget she's been inseparable from him since the day we brought him home 6 years ago. My German shepherd has also started to notice he's been gone he used to put his whole head in her mouth and clean the back of her teeth. He took one for the team we were just lucky it wasn't my son that got bit.

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They are a member of our families. Sorry for your loss.

The Old Gray Mare aint what she use to be ! Shes Better !
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I see Broncos
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Mini Pin: Little dog with a huge heart.

RIP Tugg

Depositing random fluids around California, Nevada and Arizona since 1999.
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Nvr Been Bnnd
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sorry man thats sad....

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I scrape on both sides
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Rip tugg. I can't imagine how I'd handle loosing my pup. Sorry for your loss man.

1991, fresh 5.0, OBA, 6 inch lift, 9 inch rear, 5.13s. detroit rear aussie front, 37" pitbull rockers, beadlocks. e4od

Originally Posted by tonyroc14 View Post
If only I could have 6 of his 32 inches!
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Dude sorry for the loss. I am looking for a dog. When you are ready fill me in on how great they are.

1992 Eddie Bauer 351W
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RIP Tugg. Sorry for your loss man.

1996 Eddie Bauer. Sold June 2013. Bought back September 2018.
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trying to go fast!!
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RIP Tugg.

347, Summit block, Air Flow Reasearch Outlaw heads, Comp Cams 282,292, 565. 574., Forged Eagle crank, Forged Eagle connecting rods, Speed Pro Pistons, Victor Jr. Intake, Comp Roller rockers, Engine works timing gears, Kevoko 9 qt baffled oil pan, Meling M68 oil pump, Holley Truck Avenger 670 (too small).
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Sorry to hear of your loss Mike. How long are you staying in Oregon?

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House of Windsor 4ever!
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My sincerest condolances, Mike. Just remember that when it's your time to go, Tugg'll be waiting for you and cross the Rainbow Bridge by your side.


LINK??? Link yourself down to Walmart!
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so you have a dog in your freezer? those aren't cranberries?

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Sorry for you loss man. What is a malimar? Thinkn it's part malimute? (those are mean. One busted through a fence to jump my dog, and that's why she's the psycho she is today) Can't f'n imagine. I love my dog like no other. I'm married w/ kids, and they're alright sometimes. But my sugar booger has my cold black heart like no other. And I hers (she's super fawkn mean, shred another dog like confetti if she gets the chance) She follows me around the house, and just looks at me until I take her for a walk, or run. I try to rotate walk one day, and run the next( I ride my bike, & she runs, she f'n loves it, runs for miles, she's crazy) I feed this fawker raw (1.5 lbs. per day @ approx $1.20 per lb.) If you don't know about the raw diet, check it out. I'm a believer. She sleeps in my bed, between the wife and I, and I'm ok with that. This poor beast worships my very existence , to the point that it creeps me out. I guess if I sat around all day, I would do the same to the guy that brought me outside. She snarls like a pissed off rhino if some one walks through the front door when she's sleepn' and caught off guard. Did I mention that she's an American Staffordshire Terrier? She only weighs about 60lbs., but she thinks she's 400lbs. Point is, there is no love like that between a dog and it's master. Sorry that yours came to an end. Best thing to do is get another (just like women) but it'll never replace the original! Never been into little dogs. But if it works for you, power to you! (just watch out for my dog, she likes the little yappers for orderves)
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