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Thumbs up For the gamers in the group

Hey all just wanted to share a place for us old gamers to search for old gaming friends they lost. I guess young gamers might enjoy too 😉. Anyhow my son created a place for gamers to go and maybe find old lost gamer friends by their tags, handles, clans etc. The site is still in its infancy but seeing as we are all gamers at some level it might be helpful to some.

In case your wondering I used to run the TFC clan (LRS). Little Ray's of Sunshine and I was Medic and name was (LRS)King*Vandal. We were pretty large back in the day but as time passed... We were pretty good friends with the best clan back then called [CMF] if any of you old timers remember them lol. Anyway if you would like to drop by and post your gaming info (don't post your personal stuff please lol) feel free.

Btw anyone still playing PC, TFC?

Here is the site if your interested.

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Originally Posted by JKossarides View Post
easy answer, it's never that simple with a Bronco as we've all learned.
"Better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt" -My Grampa quoted to me once
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Silly gamer. Dicks are for chicks!

I'm just razzin' ya. I'm an old, solitary, console gamer. First kid with an Atari PONG on my block, kinda old. Original Texas Instruments, Jungle Hunt kinda old. My 1/2 brother was the superstar at the corner arcade in N. Portland, defending his Asteroids scoreboard domination against all comers, kinda old. I once blew through a whole basketball sock full of very old Suzan B. Anthony coins at the arcade playing Pac-Man, KONG and Tempest, kinda old. My Dad beat my ass for that last one, btw.

I held a DOOM LAN turney once when I was running the comm. college computer lab in CdA, Idaho. Stupids bastards would just wait until I'd spawn and kill me, wash, rinse, repeat, over and over again. How damn dumb do you have to be to grief on the only guy with the real world position to hook everyone up? Obviously... that was the first and last time I bothered setting up anything like that for anyone. Been nearly the same experience in every group game scenario I've tried since and just totally turned me off the whole deal.

Perfect example... I'm on my 3rd RDR2 play-through and I still haven't and don't intend on even signing into the online version. Red Dead, Fallout, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, etc., etc. I dig the open world, exploring/collecting/hunting/killing/looting with a good storyline to watch unfold, especially when it's behavior based and you can get a few good play-throughs before you've seen it all. All the button mashing, quick trigger, military style sh!t just doesn't do it for me. I swear sometimes... it's like playing with grade-school children on meth out there (probably truer than anyone would care to admit). I'm too old and grumpy for all that. I may not be worth a damn quick shooting with a game controller compared to the kids but I'll shoot the hair off a bugs ass at 20 yrds when I need too out here in the real world and that's always been good enough for me.

Had a friend who spent thousands of dollars building a system and buying "perks" or whatever and comparable real life hours playing WOW. Like, to the point that you'd go over to visit with him and sit in his dedicated game room, shooting the breeze for an hour while he would be sitting at his station, multi-tasking the conversation and the game the whole time. The dude was peeing in bottles at some point, rather than stepping away for a few minutes to take a damn piss. It was like life support to the poor bastard.

He was just one of more than a few friends I had that either got into it or I met during my time working Tech Support for Microsucks. I supported the OS and MS programs but many of my "friends" came from the game support side. It was one of them that clued me in on the job opening, back in the day... wasn't long after and while I sat in front of multiple PC screens all day... that I stumbled across MBB, that thankfully evolved into our beloved FSB. Hell... I'd be willing to bet a few of those old MS game support guys would be exactly who your kids site is for.

Got another guy I used to consider a friend, who pretty much lives in World of Tanks (or something like that) now. Funny/Sad thing... the guy drove tanks in the service, over in Germany for a few years and it was likely the best experience in his whole life because, as soon as he got out he crawled into a corner and shriveled up in his personal life. Didn't have a clue how to deal with reality, without a drill sergeant screaming directions at him. We met him through a pimp/dancer dude and his mega-hot, dancer ol' lady we partied with once in awhile, because the guy didn't know how to deal with chicks at all if he wasn't trying to stuff a dollar down their panties. He found that game and quickly shrunk away to the rest of us in the real world. I tried to stay in touch with him until he got pissed off at me for proving to him that he was being "fished" when he approached a few of us for a few hundred each, so he could pay to move some "rich but broke" foreign princess type bitch to America, some stupid sucker online bullshit. I literally printed out the same story he was buying into and presented him with it, because it was such an obvious and well known online scam.

Coincidentally, I just saw a news story the other day that the World Health Organization now recognizes gaming addiction disorder. As much as I'd love to actually laugh about that... knowing a few guys like I have and even when I was trying to connect with my estranged son who wanted nothing to do with the real world and only wanted to game, game, game... I'm not terribly surprised.

Sorry to ramble. It's late, rough day and I'm happy for the distraction. Not trying to be a downer. Just odd life experiences, I guess.
Hope the site does well for your boy. Looks like a clean, simple site and not a bad idea for some folks out there, I'd guess.
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Im deeply into Hustle Castle..... probably why you haven't seen me much here lol. Im a leader of my clan and we're having a blast!

Game is sick!
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Freaking love world of tanks on the Xbox1.... I have been destroying tanks for about three years. Started with the German line... had to have a Tiger tank. Now I have most of the heavies... the Russian tanks are buffed and bad ass... makes sense since the game is Russian. Maybe spent 50$ in three years. I just do it the old fashion way and Grind.

I'm with you on the old school video gamming. I spent endless hours on the Atari. I was a freshman in high school when Dragons lair came out.

Talk about a game changer. I spent months memorizing every move to each screen... since they would throw you it in reverse just to piss you off. Finally beating the game was one of those very cool high school memories.... Playing it in a game arcade on a Friday night.... with 20 or so kids crowded around and cheering you on..... and me being just about as high as a kite.... Those were very cool times.

Fast times at Ridgemont high was more an autobiography than a 80's cult classic movie.
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as much as i love gaming, i havent found many recently released games worth the time. the games i still play i dont play that much anymore. i still play Battlefield 4 PC occasionally. i have been sometimes playing a beta game called World War 3, but its not a finished game and there are currently very few players. been waiting for RDR2 to come to PC because i really dont like consoles.
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Was a big COD fan. Loved playing the sniper modded maps. I was GreenMonstah in the SAWS clan.
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When I was fourteen years old, I was amazed at how unintelligent my father was. By the time I turned twenty-one, I was astounded at how much he had learned in the last seven years

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I see Broncos
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Mechwarrior 2, Ultima Online & GTA Online are all games I have spent waaay too much time in. There are a few others between those but those are main ones I played online and with others.

Depositing random fluids around California, Nevada and Arizona since 1999.
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