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Originally Posted by Bob G View Post
i love Stan's Bronco, if i was going to have just one truck it would be simular to this
Originally Posted by Bob G View Post
Dont know about the F350 swap in a 96. however, get new rotors dont even think about turning them anymore. I just did rotors and pads on my 04 F150 from NAPA. i usually use the middle of the price range pads, which were $50. they went from 20 to 100. the top end are ceramic which i tried but didnt notice a diff, except they liked to eat rotors.
the mid grade ones are close to OEM metallic
Thanks for both inputs I want stronger braking power so Im going to give the F350 booster and MC a shot (plus I need to bleed my brake lines anyways). I think Im going to stop by Ford this week and get some prices on Motorcraft rotors and pads. The only thing is that I will have to find someone who can press the hub and studs out of the old and into the new rotor.

What would happen if I left the stock rotor?

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