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Iolaus' '90 Ball Joint Replacement

This is the original thread; for an edited down version, go here.

*EDIT* I've had several requests over the past year for info on the locknut socket, so here it is:

This is the manufacturer's page...

...and I'm pretty sure I got it from Amazon.
This will be my feet first jump beyond simple "bolt-on" type automotive stuff. As I said in another thread, I've got Stangs writeup bookmarked, and I've got a Haynes manual and almost enough ego to think I can do this. I've got a lot of basic tools, plenty of local stores if I need something, and I've got the ball joints in hand, so there's no longer any excuses; I have to do this.

I will try to remember to take lots of pics, especially when I run into problems, and hopefully I will chronicle enough detail that other novices will feel informed enough to do their own as well.

First few pics...

Spicer "Professional Grade" Ball joints.

I jacked it up and pulled the wheels tonight in prep to start in the morning. I spent a little time figuring out how to coordinate jacking up the truck, and placing the jack stands; I was thinking I needed to have the stands pretty far forward on a flat horizontal spot in the frame, and was having problems making room for the stands and the floor jack in almost the same place. I finally went with moving the stands back a couple of feet, and it still seems pretty solid. I slid some bags over the hubs just to keep the local kids from messing with anything this evening.

Ok, first problem... WTF happened here? Sway bar pulled loose on full extension? All I did was jack it up and pull the wheel!!


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