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Originally Posted by sackman9975 View Post
You have air tools, BFH, and a ball joint press?
No, yes, rental.

And just wondering what the Spicer's costed ya? I just put TRW's on my passenger side New Years Day. I'd rather had the Spicer's.
1990 FORD BRONCO 5.8L 351cid V8 MFI
SPICER 5001048 Ball Joint $28.79
2 - $57.58
SPICER 5051156 Ball Joint $24.79
2 - $49.58
Shipping Ground $17.41
Order Total $124.57

They weren't cheap, but when something wears out, it's time to upgrade.

Your jack stands look to be in a good spot. I say this because 2 years ago, I went to change my springs and my stands were a little short, so I place them in a spot that seem to be ok but wasn't happy with (TTB). Shook the truck, seem to be ok, then with the prybar, I pryed on the axle housing to drop it down to get the spring out, then WHAM!!! Truck came down, my hand was in the wheel well and smashed my wedding ring, gashed my hand had to get 5 stitches. So now I have no wedding ring, decent scar, and BIGGER jack stands.
Thanks for the affirmation There were only so many places that I liked (that were flat enough to seem stable). I almost put them right behind the bumper, but i thought they might get in the way. It looked like Stang put them about where I did, so I went with that.

No wedding ring? If that happened to me, My wife would have been at the jeweler's the next day, saying "match this for him."


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