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Originally Posted by redwagon View Post
OK kids...lets keep Jeff's thread to Ball Joints...and keep the random crap out of it...
I figured once I'm done, I'll collect all the operative posts together and make a blog entry, or just start and link to another thread that's the "official write-up" without the talk.

BTW, that plumbing problem was exactly what I thought; the valve feeding the water heater was busted. I removed the whole assembly (threading was just covered with crap; no cutting/sweating involved) and slapped it against my hand to open and close the valve. $20 & 1/2 hour of work and it's all better. Some might remember me having problems getting out a shower valve to replace it last year (something I never did). Well apparently, that was just the first place the inequality of pressure had started evidencing itself. It finally slipped almost shut yesterday, cutting the hot water to the point that my wife refused to shower in it this morning. She's going to be soooo happy tonight.

So now that the EMERGENCY is handled , I'll get back to the ball joints. I need to get the sockets, and I can't find the tub of bearing grease (I think the kid used it for his Mustang and never put it back), so I'll have to replace that; and while I'm shopping, I'll need to pick up a decent 1/2" torque wrench. Stang said 1 1/16" socket and 1 1/8" socket for his '95 ball joint nuts; is that going to hold true for my '90 as well?


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