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Originally Posted by Shadofax View Post
Looks good Iolaus.

Yes, PB blaster or any good super penetrating oil
Yes, as Six said now is the time to clean and grease the spindle with a synthetic, good grease. Also check ujoints, and the hub/bearings/racings. get all that old grease out and look over your bearings, if timken and in good shape you can re-grease with the synthetic and put them back in, otherwise spring for new timkens and knock this sucka out while you're at it.

when you go to reassemble stuff like spindle to knuckle, do you have a little jar of antiseize lube? This helps ensure that if there is a next time getting into this it comes apart just as easily as it went together. I even used a bit of this in the knuckle bores where you will be pressing your new BJ's back in.
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Originally Posted by redwagon View Post
Did you ever decide if you were going to yank the pumpkin out and install your mini-spool?....not much more work required, and would be a good time to install a drain plug in it also.
Still thinking about it. Since I have the right-side axle out, I wouldn't have to remove that beam, right? Just the left side? I like the idea, but I'm stretching my confidence just doing this!
The ball joint nuts should be standard....
I've got an adjustable wrench that's big enough; I'll find out out that way.


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