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Checked the oil. Thats a big thing, since I've been chasing a big oil leak lately.
Checked the water level... Also chasing a water pump leak.

put mud flaps on it...(unused floor mats make great mud flaps!) Been driving it all summer, and for the first time its 100% street legal... OK,OK, so maybe the cracked windshield disqualifies that... depends on who you ask...

Temporarily caulked the lower cab wall since its gonna be rainin when i leave in the morning.

Re-hooked up my CB. Had stuck my cables and antenna on the f150 for the week i drove it, got i swapped back. Found out the weather channel will work with just the cable and the mount/bottom of the quick disconnect, and no antenna...

To you guys that are bitchin' about the heat; Stop rubbing it in!!
Our average high here has been about 55 for a couple weeks... Highest I've seen is 65. Its 46 and drizzling rain now...


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