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Defective Parts Listing

yo gang!
Feel free to add!
Why did I leave ANCO brand? WHY???? WHY??? lol
because the locals (within 20 miles) don't carry it anymore and I got lazed out...
NAPA Storm Vision WS Blade Review; "...; made in China. At $1.00, I bit and got bitten back BADLY. yeah.. It did not hook onto to the arm's Hook-slot CONNECTOR because it is too Wide (see Review below by DVE); this is why NAPA is selling 3 blades w/refill for a price cheaper than a Texas Made Trico brand REFILL..."
Source: by miesk5 at FSB

Here is a neat blade/refill Review (in a Saab, but relevant)
Source: by DVE37 at

ANCO...refills... not even close now. They used to fit perfectly... now it's more garbage from China. Adv Auto Parts Manager said none of the Chinese crap fits and walked over and gave me the Rain X Blades for free because it was snowing and he was p***ed because he saw me outside trying to get the ANCOs on.

Ignition Cylinder Made in China Does Not Fit; bought @ AZ and Kragenby redneckcad

wheel bearings for a JD RX 75 riding mower that are made in China and do NOT fit or come close to the specs. Local JD dealer pulled em off after we danced around for a week 3 yrs ago. The JD Store owner pulled out 23 wheel bearings; those made in China were off so much that they couldn't be pressed on the shaft... a few older bearings by Fafnir were right on Specs; oh yeah the Chinese forgot to add the zerk .. as for tires...LOL!...a pal wrote "the tires were actually about one inch narrower than a Carlisle tire with same tread and specs. The tires didnt even have a name on them, just "China" ..."

See my partially recovered Bronco web site. Thanks to Mr. Schwim!
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