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Left for Dead!

I'll give you guys a brief history on this Bronco. My folks have had a summer beachhouse on Carova Beach NC now for about 20 years. The past few on our way into the canals of the area I have noticed a 78/79 Bronco sittting in a yard. Never saw it on the roads or moved from its spot in the yard. One day I drove over to the house to asked the owner if he was interested in selling it. He wasn't there so I left a note including an offer to buy it for 200 bucks. From what I could tell it was in rough shape. Floors, hood,doors tailgate all rotted from a beach life I could trace back to 2001. Based on the last valid inspection sticker still on windshield. He called me back about two months later and we worked out a deal. It was now mine, now how do I get it home? It did not run, tires bald, no brakes and gas had a sweet smell. So I barrowed my inlaws bobcat trailer and on our third attempt with our fourth vehicle pulling it we got it home.

I haven't decided exactly how intense I am going to hit this thing rebuild wise. First thing I want to do is get it running and driveable. I have done some things to it thus far. Will provide details another time. Hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to comment. Whether its good, bad or indifferent.

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