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Originally Posted by winterland View Post
You're great....I'm feeling sad thinking about an abandoned made the first and most important step....!!
Thats how I felt.
Originally Posted by 88LiftdBronco View Post
Great job on rescuing that bronco.
It was a chore getting it outta there.
Originally Posted by Black3144 View Post
Nice buy man, way to keep it on the road. What year is it and motor size? Can't wait to see your progress.
Its a 1979 Custom AT,351m. From what I can tell prior to its beach transportation days it was a nice machine. Good bit of undercoating on frame and the carpet look to be original.
Originally Posted by turp View Post
AWESOME! I think I know the bronco you were talking about. Good to see someone rescued the Old Girl... Can't wait to see it when it is done and if ya need help I am only a few miles away!
Thanks bud, might just take you up on that.
Originally Posted by 79broncobeast View Post
Nice Buy!! Good looking project truck!
Originally Posted by bigredkacy View Post
Good find. Did you get it for that offer pirice?
Got her for 200, I thought motor, transfer case and tranny cores, top, seats, axles would be worth it if the ole girl didn't turn over.
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